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Learn about community involvement of the 15th Judicial District Child Advocacy Center.


Open House at the Satellite Office

The District Attorney’s office for the 15th Judicial District held its open house.

We are so Grateful for General Lawson willingness to support our satellite office within the new building in Cartage TN. This will allow Children and Families closer access to the Child Advocacy Center in their area.

The open house was so perfect, and an opportunity to show the community and public officials our new satellite office.

Picture 3 (left to right)

The Honorable Jeff Mason, Smith County Mayor, Scott Ridgway, CAC Executive Director, The Honorable Randy Heady, Jackson County Mayor, 15th Judicial District Attorney General Jason Lawson, Child Advocacy Center Board of Director member and Board Secretary Nancy R. Willis

Picture 4 (left to right)

CAC Board Secretary Nancy R. Willis, CAC Board of Director member Annie Barger, 15th District Attorney General Jason Lawson, Bob Daniel and Scott Ridgway, CAC Executive Director

Picture 5 (left to right)

The Honorable Sarah Marie Smith, City of Carthage and Scott Ridgway, CAC Executive Director


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